Attractions in the Area


CEPR Szymbark

The Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark is a well-known tourist attraction, situated not far from Gościńca Malinówka.

The highlight of this modern educational and entertainment centre is the Upside Down House.

Even seen from the outside, the house leaves an intense impression on the visitors. After all, how often does one see a house standing on its roof? The real thrill, however, is exploring the interior.

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The Szymbark Open Air Museum offers many other attractions, including the House of the Siberian Exile and the world's longest plank. You can find more information at:

The Pearls of Kashubia

Kashubia is the perfect destination for an active holiday. The region offers opportunities for a wide variety of activities. Places worth visiting include:

  • Łapalice Castle - the only castle in Poland still under construction (now suspended)
  • Chmielno - an important tourist resort (guarded swimming areas, Museum of Ceramics, regional events)
  • Kartuzy - considered the capital of Kashubia. Former monastery church, Kashubian museum, regional events...
  • Ostrzyce - similar to Chmielno
  • lookout tower on the summit of the Wieżyca Hill
  • in wintertime - ski lift in Wieżyca
  • Węsiory - stone circles
  • Tuchlino - "Kaszuby" exotic petting zoo
  • and much, much more...

Kashubian Landscape Park

Kashubia is also an interesting region in terms of its landscape and nature. The charming lakes, vast forests, hills and valleys have earned the central part of the Kashubian Lake District the name KASHUBIAN SWITZERLAND, since the views resemble the scenic landscapes of Switzerland. The clear lakes and beautiful scenery bring many tourists to the area, but a truly unique attraction is the distinctive autonomy of the region, visible in the live folk traditions and art. The features of Kashubian culture and language are covered on the website of the Kashubian National Park (

Kashubian Cuisine

Kashubian delicacies are one more reason to visit the region. Some regional specialities are available at our restaurant. Other restaurants in the area are also worth a visit:

  • numerous fish restaurants in Ostrzyce
  • Checz Rybacka - (Borowo, 50 km from Krzeszna)
  • Wyczechowo - pierogi

Be sure to try those culinary delights!


Gdańsk is only a 40-minute drive from our guesthouse. We recommend that you explore the entire Tricity, since each of the cities is brimming with tourist attractions. More information can be found at the following addresses:


Even here in our guesthouse, you can find a number of practical tips for sightseeing in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. We will be happy to help you plan an excursion to the Tricity!

We'll plan your route to include some of the greatest attractions, such as the Dominican Fair in Gdańsk, the Sopot Pier, a boat trip to Hel, the Lech Wałęsa Airport, and much more.

Wdzydze Kiszewskie

This village boasts the oldest open-air museum in Poland, founded in 1906. You can find out more at:

Baltic Sea

If you choose to spend your holiday in Malinówka, you can relax by a Kashubian lake one day, and the next - sunbathe on a beach of the Baltic Sea. The Bay of Gdańsk is only 55 km away, and the open sea just 80 km. Such distances shouldn't be difficult to cover in one day. Hel, Łeba, Krynica Morska, and other seaside resorts await you.

Other places worth visiting:

  • the Botanical Garden in Gołubie
  • the Wybicki Family Manor in Sikorzyno
  • the Museum of the National Anthem in Będomin
  • the Kashubian Park of Miniatures in Strysza Buda
  • the Bytów Castle
  • the Malbork Castle
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