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The staff of Gościniec Malinówka make every effort to ensure your comfort during a holiday in Kashubia. Accommodation in elegantly furnished rooms and suites, full board, a number of additional attractions - all of this is guaranteed if you choose to stay at our guesthouse.

Below, you can view several entries from our paper guest book. It's a chance to read the opinions of those who have spent a weekend or a holiday with us:

Some places are easily forgotten, others remain in our memory forever. We're thankful for this place and the people we met here. There are no words to describe how pleasant and amazing it was to stay at "Gościniec Malinówka."

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event for us. The atmosphere, the food, and the service were all excellent. Thanks to the owners of Gościniec Malinówka, we had a wonderful time - everything was on point. We'll highly recommend you to everyone, and once again thank you very much.

Thank you, dear hosts, for the lovely days we spent at Gościniec Malinówka. Great rooms, very tasty food (well, maybe a bit too much of it), but that's all right. We will remember our stay for a long time and we'll recommend this place to our friends. Thank you once again.

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and Kashubian specialities. We hope all your great plans come true, we promise to drop by and check if they did, maybe even in the near future. Dear Iwona and Darek, everything was great.

Thank you for the pleasant holiday we had at Malinówka. The warm atmosphere, good food, clean air, and the peace and quiet will remain in our memory for a long time. We've stayed at this magical place twice and we'll gladly come again.

Dear hosts, it was awesome, I wish I didn't have to go home... Darek, Iwonka, thank you so much for your hospitality, kindness, your smiles, delicious and plentiful food, beautiful and tastefully arranged rooms. It was nice to meet you, see you again!!!

Many thanks for your hospitality, and the delicious and hearty food. The awesome breakfast will allow us to continue on our way and not worry about lunch and dinner.

I was looking for a place to celebrate the birthday of my beloved wife and I found "Malinówka".

Everything is raspberry-perfect. Charming location, great service! We're having tripe - sensational! We can't praise it enough.

Thank you for the amusing Easter at Gościniec Malinówka. Great atmosphere, delicious food, friendly service and good liqueur. The room was great and the hosts were a delight. See you next time.

Malinówka… the name itself is great, but that's not all… The hosts are pure gold!!! They put a spell on this place… My children recover from illness, my husband loves me again, friends turn into best friends, even winter, which I dislike, seems nicer. I don't get cold and I like watching the snow, which here, at Malinówka, falls so gently, quietly, and softly. After a long walk through the beautiful valley, I return to eat the best homemade delights - sausages, dumplings, lard, and many others - DELICIOUS. We'll visit again for sure.

Despite the winter outside, Gościniec Malinówka is filled with a spring atmosphere. The charming hosts have created a great place full of warmth and good atmosphere. Tasty homemade food and local fresh products make us feel amazing. Unfortunately, the big downside is that we are leaving with a few extra pounds!... But I recommend this place and I think we'll be back here some day to experience such hospitality once again. What's important is that we could bring our doggie.

It was extra-nice, friendly, with a taste of raspberry. Delicious food, wonderful views; you could taste Kashubian hospitality in the air.

Thank you for your friendliness and the nice, warm, cozy nest you prepared for us.

Malinówka treated us to a delicious strawberry cordial, tasty food, and friendly staff - the combination of high standards and an atmosphere of home means we'll surely visit again.

The best soups in the world. Delicious beetroot soup with dumplings. The pierogi are poetry, and the hospitality and helpfulness are truly Kashubian. The meats lacked that special something  but the fried potatoes were my favourite. Thanks for everything.

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