Gościniec Malinówka - restauracja

Aside from accommodation in comfortable rooms and suites, we also offer full board. All dishes are prepared on site using locally grown ingredients. We make sure that our meals are hearty and tasty, as we wish to do justice to the Kashubian custom of hospitality. We hope that our efforts remain in your fond memory and will encourage you to visit us again.

The meals at our restaurant are not only tasty and filling, but also affordable.

We can organize various special events, including family reunions, anniversaries, first communions, as well as small weddings. For your events, we can provide a bonfire, a wagon ride, and a performance by a Kashubian music ensemble.

What is more, our guesthouse can serve as a venue for training courses and company events.

You can book accommodation at our guesthouse during the holiday season - around Christmas and Easter. At that time, you will dine on traditional Kashubian food. Our offering includes organizing New Year's Eve parties. Come and visit us whenever convenient!

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